How a better UX led to a massive increase in revenue and new orders. Extreme Iceland success case

12.57% Increase in revenue


B2C, Travel, Tours


Tours and travel packages in Iceland

Extreme Iceland

Extreme Iceland is an all Icelandic tour operator and travel agency that organizes tours, day trips and accommodation.

1 Analysis & UX Research

We have performed qualitative, quantitative and UX analyses and found areas in the website where revenue is lost because of bad user experience.

2 Hypotheses & Design Variations

We have created 15 data-informed hypotheses and provided the UX design changes to improve user experience.

3 Prioritisation & Development

We have set priority to UX changes, developed test variations, performed Q&A (No IT is required).

4 Testing & Monitoring

We have run A/B tests that reported changes in conversion rate. This enabled us to further improve UX and run additional tests to optimise conversions even better.

Small changes with big impact

Simple things, like a more usable top header, can make a huge difference in conversion rates and transactions. You never know the value of good or I should say better user experience. And the only thing stopping you from knowing, at least in our case, is A/B testing.
We put ourselves in the users shoes and empathise with them as much as possible through the data that we collect. In a page with thousands of various tour, accommodation and adventure combinations it is sometimes better to just simplify elements and instead of adding new things, we had to look for things to remove.

The best part of having this kind of process is that everything is justified by user behaviour. This allows to understand the final value of user experience and its impact on the bottom line.

Radvilas, Head of CRO team @Evolvery

Results after 2 months

The first iteration of CRO made an uplift to bottom line of hundreds of thousands.

With one of the test, we have managed to demonstrate a 12.57% increase in revenue. The changes in Unique Value Proposition’s (USP) copy displayed on page had impacted the revenue by 12.57% increase.

One of the highest performing A/B test has increased transactions by 39.20%. We saw most results from the changes in the homepage design and copy.